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MKT Data Services provides it's customers with the richest source of data on the Events and Happenings in your area that drive business to your businesses front door. 

We collect, organization and categorize information about more than 300,000 venues across the USA, Canada, Mexico and most of Europe.  At each of those venues we identify the events taking place and store them in our ever growing database.  Then for each event we use a unique algorithm that not only categorizes the event in standard types, but provides a score that can be used to estimate the impact on demand for your products and services.

We have more than 60 types of venues inlcuding:

  • Convention Centers

  • Expo Centers

  • Festival & Fairgrounds

  • Speedways, Racetracks & Horse Racing Tracks

  • Concert Halls, Performance Halls & Amphitheaters

  • Stadiums, Arenas & Sports Complexs

For each we collect and store the pertinent information for each event inlcuding in most cases dates/times, event names, contact information, website information, ticket information, location information and much much more!  Our database currently holds more than 11,000,000 events dating back to 2007 and as far in the future as 2 years from today.

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